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Worsleya procera Rare Blue Amaryllis

Worsleya procera Rare Blue Amaryllis is one of the most sought after and rarest of the bulb world. It is native to Brazil. In its native habitat these plants grow on steep granite cliffs/well drained area, fully exposed to wind, rain and sunshine, constantly subjected to mist from waterfalls.

It produces large clusters of gorgeous lilac-blue flowers, speckled mauve within, blooming in mid-summer on stems up to 1.5 meters tall. Plants are not truly self-fertile. Seedlings produced from selfing do not survive very long . Good seeds will last about 9-10 months

Growing medium -- Worsleya needs a loose, airy medium that drains very rapidly and provides plenty of moisture to the roots.  For this reason, avoid ordinary soil.  A good base medium is porous rock such as lava rock, pumice or other volcanic rock.