| Utopia Clivias

Utopia Clivias


Interspecifics are crosses with clivia miniata as pod parent and a specie clivia as pollen parent, or vice versa.

IS14 Guava x Tigers Eye
Pod Parent


(Cameron peach f2 interspecific)


Pollen Parent

Tigers Eye

(Exquisitely striped bronze flower)

(Runner up to best show NCK 2020)

IS32 Amazon x Bella Rouge
Pod Parent


(Very brown and dark interspecific)

Pollen Parent

Bella Rouge

(Absolutely amazing colour on this interspecific)

(A famous Wessel Lotter bred interspecific)

IS4 Saki Golin B x Cameo-tori
Pod Parent

Saki goblin B

(Green Goblin x Hattori ''Saki'')

Ex Liz Boyd. Breeding for Hattori type Interspecifics

Pollen Parent


(Cameo Plus x Hattori Aphrodite)

Utopia Clivias

Multi-Generational breeding

Many combinations of breeding and taking it to the next level.

MG1 (777 x AG) x Zol
Pod Parent

777 x Andrew Gibson

Pollen Parent


(The famous Zol from the Narcotics range bred by Thurlow Flora)