Amaryllis / Hippeastrum hybrids | Utopia Clivias

Amaryllis / Hippeastrum hybrids

Originally hailing from hot, tropical central and southern America, amaryllis need warmth to perform well, in which case they’ll prove to be ideal summer flowers. 

Within about six weeks of planting, they’ll produce a tall flower spike with three to five large, trumpet-shaped blooms. Then, as these fade, another flower spike will appear. What’s more if you take care of them, they will continue to flower for years as their bulbs have a surprisingly long lifespan.

Perfect for pots, amaryllis also make excellent border plants and can be planted in groups in a warm but not hot, semi-shady spot in the garden.

We have imported many varieties over the past few years and have selectively been hybridizing these flowers. We will be offering these crosses via our online shop in the future.