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Yellow Clivias

Although rare a few years ago, yellow clivias are now bred by hundreds of growers around the world. Yellows come in a variety of shapes and a variety of shades from light cream to almost butter yellow. We select and breed with only my best yellows, choosing plants with large umbels, full round petals and good flower count. Our collection includes Vico Yellows, Nakamura Yellows and group 2 yellows such as the Natal Yellow. Yellows are divided into group 1 and group 2 yellows of which group 1 yellows breed true to type yellow plants. Group 2 yellows are split for orange/pastel. The yellows with green centres have become very popular and I have several of these that I use for breeding. Our latest import is a TK original yellow with a green throat from Shige in Japan.This is also a group 2 yellow, but very good for breeding green throated plants. This year a beautiful tulip yellow flowered in my nursery and true tulip yellows are still rare. I am hoping to use this one extensively in my breeding program. I am also aiming to breed shorter broader leaf yellows to give a compact yellow plant. I have several of these seedlings and young plants growing on in my nursery. I was able to obtain some yellow Daruma pollen last year and did several crosses with it on my group I yellows. Now is the 4 year wait to see what might come of those seeds. I have bred several top yellows of which some of them have won top awards for first flowering yellow seedlings at major clivia shows. Have a look at our show gallery to see some of these beauties.

We have since imported broad leaf yellow plants from China and have done extensive crosses with these. Our latest breeding programme is a series of yellows bred out of the original Bella Donna Ophra. These are stunning short leaf, compact plants with lovely large flowers on very good umbels. We have named them Bella Tyrion, Bella Arya, and Bella Lanister.

We have bred a beautiful large cream and have aptly named it "Jon Snow" . This plant was bred from Ghost 2. Other first flowering beauties include "Shae", "Cercei`s Gold" and "Brienne".

Yellow clivia grouping:

Group 1 Yellows:

  • Mare's or Howick Yellow   
  • Blinkwater Yellow
  • Mpumulo Yellow   
  • King Hamelin Yellow
  • Arturo's Yellow
  • San Marcos Yellow
  • Kirstenbosh Yellow
  • Eshowe or Saunders Yellow   
  • Watkins Yellow
  • Karkloof Yellow
  • Jim Holmes Yellow
  • Whyte Yellow
  • Noyce's Yellow
  • Vico or Smither's Yellow
  • Vico Gold
  • Kewensis strain yellows
  • 'GTS Delta Cream'
  • Solomone Yellow
  • Yellow Daruma G1
  • Sir John Thouron
  • Conway's 'Megan'
  • Vic Daniels Yellow G1
  • Pen Henry Yellow
  • Lemon Chiffon
  • Lemon Ice
  • Solomone Cream
  • Holmes Yellows
  • Col Pitman
  • Walters Yellow
  • Morris Yellow
  • Humbolt Yellow
  • Dr. Hirao Yellow
  • Lisa Mannion Yellow
  • Solomone Yellow
  • Nakamura Yellow

Group 2 Yellows:

  • Centani Yellow
  • Dwesa Yellow1
  • Bashee Yellow
  • Transkei Yellow
  • Smith's Yellow
  • Tsolo Yellow
  • Floradale Yellow
  • Natal Yellow2
  • Giddy Yellow
  • Gibelo Yellow
  • Holl's Yellow
  • Swellendam Yellow
  • Stella Parish Yellow
  • Cynthia's Best
  • Port St John's Yellow
  • Hirao Green
  • Yellow Daruma G2
  • TK Yellow GT
  • 'Cynthia's Dream'3
  • Vic Daniels Yellow G2
  • 'Auriel Batten Yellow'
  • 'Butter Yellow'7
  • 'Pat's Gold'
  • 'Golden Fleece'
  • TK Miniature Yellow
  • TK short BL Yellow
  • Nakamura Yellow
  • Charlsgreen   
  • Green Bomb   

Group 3 Yellows:       

  • Celtis Kloof Yellow4
  • Potterill Blush Yellow
  • Greendale yellow
  • Peacevale yellow

Unknown Yellows:

  • Mvuma Yellow5
  • Ndwedwe Alpha Thurston6
  • Ndwedwe Beta Thurston
  • Oribi Gorge Yellow
  • Byrne Valley Yellow
  • Crookes Yellow.
  • Qora Yellow