Red Clivias | Utopia Clivias

Red Clivias

It seems that the perfect red clivia still eludes us. Most red clivias have tulip type flowers and our aim is to breed dark, true reds with open or reflexed flowers. Nowadays red is the new yellow and red clivias have become very popular. Only when good reds are crossed with each other, can you expect a high percentage of red flowers in the next generation. We breed only with the best selected reds and the resulting seedlings all have very dark pigmentation around the bases with some dark pigmentation going all the way up the leaves. Some of our most popular reds include, Hirao Red, T0 Red, Utopia Red and KV Reds.

We have a new line of bronze reds. These are red and bronze crosses resulting in some stunning colours. Jungle Blood is a good example.