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Peach Clivias

Just as there are three or more genetic types of yellow flowered Clivia, there are multiple types of pink and peach flowered Clivia.

The 'Chubb Peach' strain is in the Type 1 Yellow genetic class. We can call this "Class Y1" in this discussion. In referring just to the peach color, we can call this "Class P1."


The following Peach clones and strains are part of a single genetic group which we call "European Peaches."

  • Victorian peach
  • Welgemoed peach
  • Tipperary Peach
  • Cameron peach
  • Anderson's Peach (the Australian one by this name, not the American one!)
  • Tessa
  • Ellexa
  • Sunrise Sunset

Our collection of clivias consist of group 1 peaches, group 2 peaches and European Peaches. Our most well known Group 1 peaches are Chubb`s Peach,Vico Peach, the giant Chiba Peaches and Lotter Peach. These peaches breed true to type and are dominant over yellow when crossed with group 1 yellows. We have several breeding plants of these types which I have selected over the years for their flower shape and colour. We have taken Vico peach breeding to a new level by outcrossing with Chiba yellow (a giant yellow from Nakamura). "Vico Peach Romance "and "Vico Peach Love Story" are examples of these enormous new peaches.


In our collection we also have the group 2 peach namely Cransley Peach and some crosses with Cransley Peach and Hirao.


Lastly there is the European peaches. These consist of Cameron Peaches, Victorian Peaches and Tiperary Peaches. It has been proved that these peaches need to be crossed with one another or selfed to produce peach flowers. I also have a some unique goup 1 and 2 as well as Euro peaches with green throats in my collection. These are very special and I have been using them extensively in my breeding program.


We are also breeding with a new peach called Visser`s Peach. This group 1 peach was bred by a very good friend of mine and he has kindly donated a few of these to me for breeding purposes. They are split for group 1 and 2  selected for flower colour and shape. The main objective of this breeding line, is to develop a peach with shorter, broader leaves. A more compact plant, but still with a exceptional flower.


We have beautiful poorman`s peaches in our collection as well. These are also group 1 peaches and the most famous is probably the plant called "Nella". We have several clones of famous poorman`s peaches we are using in our breeding programme.

These are only a select few of our breeding plants.


We have also bred some beautiful pinks out of our Vico Peaches and these are now being registered on the International Clivia Register. Our unique range of Vico peaches and pinks are very popular on our Seed lists every year.