Pastel and pink Clivias | Utopia Clivias

Pastel and pink Clivias

Pastel colours range from the lightest apricots to the deepest salmon. It is such a vast range of colours with pinks being the most popular. A true pink is hard to find, but more and more pinks are bred and each year better pinks come into bloom. We have been breeding pinks for almost 15 years and have them flowering from soft, almost white pink to deep pink. We try to breed with less yellow inside, because the more yellow is in the throat, the more peachy the flower looks. We have been selecting and breeding only with the best of our pinks and every year seedlings come into flower that are far more superior to their parents. 


Just as there are three or more genetic types of yellow flowered Clivia, there are multiple types of pink and peach flowered Clivia.

Rudo`s Pinks are some of the best pinks ever bred from Appleblossoms. Some of our well known pinks are Lipstick Pink, Angelic Pink, Olivia Pink , Kyla`s Pink, Pink Vogue and Phillip`s Pink. Every year the pink crosses on our seed lists are the first to sell out.


There are other pink and pastel strains, such as Solomone's 'Watercolor Washed Pink' and 'Watercolor Washed Pastel', which may have genes related to Europeaches. Other pastel plants include such as 'Gladys Blackbeard', 'Ella van Zijl', 'Umtamvuna Pink' and others


" The only other colour variants known at present in clivia miniata are the so called pink forms. These I suggest come from the very pale orange (buff or flesh coloured) plants. These plants at times have a suggestion of pink in the flower. I believe these are the plants which, as well as a low concentration of anthocyanin, also have a low concentration of carotene. Thus a pink flower is one with low anthocyanin (red diluted to pink) superimposed on a white background instead of a yellow background. Hence a breeding program for whites could also be used as a breeding program for pinks. This would be accomplished by crossing very pale yellow (or near whites) with pale orange flowers which have pinkish casts. Once really pinkish flowers were obtained then pink crossed with pink could be used to intensify the pink while secondarily further reducing the yellow pigment." Bill Morris


Some of our new pinks are the pinks bred from Wittig Pink x Tipperary peach.


We look forward to every season`s new flowers.