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Green Clivias

Green clivias are very unusual and rare and seeing these beautiful flowers in another grower`s collection, is enough to make any new clivia collector green with envy. This is a new phenomenon and is taking the clivia world by storm.

The Hiraos and TK greens are now more common and found in a lot of growers collections. These are both bred from group 2  with beautiful green shades and will breed good green throated yellows if crossed with another group 2 yellow.
Charl`s Green is one of the most beautiful and intriguing clivias ever bred. Much have been said and written about the breeding potential of this very special plant. Dr Harold Koopowitz has indicated that because of the absence of the yellow pigment in the flower of Charls green, this plant should be the perfect prelude to breeding a pure White flower. It is said that Charl`s Green is also a group 2 yellow interspecific.

We have used Charl`s Green F1 plants to breed a second generation of white greens we call the "Ice Series" These are very beautiful and still very rare.

Hottie`s Hirao is said to be one of the best breeding Hiraos in the world. It was used as pollen parent to breed famous plants like Zol and Daggacookie.

We are currently breeding a range of compact semi broad leaf greens out of an original cross with a Coromandel Bronze x Charl`s Green. These siblings were crossed and the green stems were grown to flowering size. They are the 1212 Green Series and every year we select the top greens from this breeding and use them with other greens to make the next generation of plants, smaller, more compact and with intense green flowers.

We have bred many top quality f2 greens from Hirao, TKO and Charl`s Green plants. These second generation greens are more intense with improved flower counts.