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Bronzes and Green throats

Certainly one of the most popular coloured clivias, bronzes have become more readily available than 10 years ago. A popular trend amongst clivia growers are bronzes with green throats. It has been proved that the green throats are carried over to the next generation via the pod parent(mother plant). In certain cases, the green could be so dominant that it will be inherited by the next generation through the pollen or father plant. . I have been selecting only the best bronzes and green throats in my collection to continue breeding with. Every year new seedlings flower for the first time and very often is so beautiful that they replace some of the older breeding plants. Some of our famous bronzes in our collection are plants like "Bronze Green Boy", Crown Prince, and Gunston.

In September 2011 the most beautiful bronze with green throat flowered for me. This was a gift from Charl Coetzee when my son, Jason passed away in 2009. I have named it Jason`s Bronze in his memory. It was a first flower and had a beautiful umbel with large dark bronze flowers.

We have also been able to aquire a few very good Belgian Bronzes to bring into my bronze breeding programme. These plants are known for their fast growing and quick flowering habit. We will be using these a lot in my breeding programme to speed up the flowering time of my bronzes.

One of our darkest bronzes is a plant named Choco Bronze. It is a very difficult colour to capture on camera and is by far one of the darkest I have come across so far. It was also bred from Belgian bronzes.

We have bred a lot of bronzes with Hirao and Charl`s Green and these dark brown bronzes are all split for grp 2 green plants. These include "Moldevite" "Ammolite"

1212 New Breeding:

Here we are breeding for compact greens/bronze out of Charl`s Green F2 plants. The plants are all split for bronze and green flowers. The original cross was "Coromandel Bronze" x Charl`s Green. The f1 plants were sibling crossed. We selected the best of these f2 plants and they are our 1212 Bronze series.

New “Jungle Series” Our next generation bronzes: These are all extremely beautiful bronzes bred from a plant numbered 608B. We will be doing sibling crosses to establish this line.