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Clivia plants and seeds of only top clivias are offered to discerning clivia enthusiasts around the world.We aim to improve breeding.

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Open weekend at Utopia Clivias 2017 Open weekend at Utopia Clivias 2017 8th - 10th September Enjoy our open gardens from the 8th to the 10th of September. Open daily from 9.00 am...
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Star Green and it`s siblings.   A Star is born: by Carrie Kruger, Utopia Clivias   The name “Star Green” makes every clivia grower “green” with envy. This unusual coloured clivia...
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The Dream Series of Interspecifics  What dreams are made of…? Carrie Krüger Utopia Clivias, Sedgefield, South Africa When I first laid eyes on these plants eight years ago, I was...
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CLIVIA SEED LISTS AND SEED SALES 2017: CLIVIA SEED LISTS AND SEED SALES 2017: SEED SALES FOR 2017 IS NOW CLOSED Welcome to all our regular customers as well as our new customers...
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1. All about Utopia Nursery

Utopia Clivias was established in 1990 and has over the years produced some very special and unique clivias.Situated in Sedgefield, South Africa in the heart of the Garden Route, Utopia Clivias is owned and run by Carrie Kruger. We aim to offer clivia enthusiasts around the world extraordinary seeds and plants. Our clivia plants have been selected and bred to improve shape, colour and vigour.We take part in annual clivia shows and our plants have won numerous top awards at major shows.

Pollination is done carefully by hand, selecting only the top quality plants. We offer clivia seeds, seedlings, offsets and mature plants for sale.

Carrie has involved all her children in the clivia plant business and they all have their own small collections. They help with shows, planting and seed harvesting.

She has dedicated a part of her clivia garden to her oldest son, Jason 20 who sadly passed away in 2009. This project is called Jason`s Memory Garden and it involves distributing clivia seeds to interested youngsters and scholars around the world free of charge. In this way his memory lives on.




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We have a wonderful variety of clivia flowers in our nursery. We also participate in yearly clivia shows and exhibitions. I frequently visit other clivia growers for inspiration and exchanges of plants and seeds.

To share all of these with our customers, we have added blogs/stories as well as pictures about all our different clivia types, our garden, visits to other growers and our clivia shows under the heading of "Our Clivias"

To view these blogs with photos simply click on the "Clivias" button


Recording our crosses is very important to us in the breeding of clivias and the selling of clivia seed and seedlings. We have been recording all our best flowers since 2002.

We have all these photos in our clivias gallery for you to view at your leisure.

To view our clivia photos simply click on the "GALLERY" button


Clivia Seed and plant sales

1. Manual orders via e-mail:

a. Lists of all clivia items on sale are on pdf files and can be viewed by clicking on a specific file under "Price Lists" on our homepage.

b. Just click on the document of the specific clivia products you are interested in.

c. Wait for the file to open, remember, it takes time as these contain clivia picures and are rather big files.

d. Now browse through our clivia products and send us an e-mail with your order on our order form if possible to streamline orders.

e. We will contact you via e-mail with a confirmation of your order and payment instructions


2. Postage options:

a. Postage for local seed orders R50.

b. Postage for overseas seed orders R200.

c. Local clivia plant orders over 5kg will be sent via a courier service with c.o.d

d. Postage for local overnight delivery up to 5kg is R120.


 A: Clivia Seed Sales: 

Clivia seeds can be sent anywhere in the world as long as no documentation is needed and USA members have small seedlot import permits.Seed Lists can be found under the Price Lists when seeds are available. Send us an email with your order or fill in the order form also provided under the Price lists. Clivia seeds can be sent all over the world, if documentation is not needed. We can also send to the USA if you have a small seedlot import permit.

Postage for clivia seeds:

a. Postage for local seed orders R50. 

b. Postage for overseas seed orders R200


B. Clivia Seedling and plant Sales:

Clivia plants and seedlings are only delivered in South Africa


Please note: The nursery is only open by appointment











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